Chlorinations and Disinfections

Alpha FM services Ltd carries out all Chlorinations and Disinfections in line with ACoPL8, BS EN 806 and BS 8558 on all water systems.

Hot and cold water services should be cleaned, flushed and disinfected as either a part of planned preventative maintenance or in the following situations as stated in BS 8558:

On completion of a new water installation or refurbishment of a hot and cold water system.
On installation of new components, especially those which have been pressure tested using water by the manufacturer (see the manufacturer’s instructions).
Where the hot and cold water is not used for a prolonged period and has not been flushed as recommended or the control measures have not been effective for a prolonged period. For example, this could be as little as two or three weeks, but will depend on the ambient temperature, condition of the water system, potential for exposure to aerosols and the susceptibility of users considered in a specific risk assessment.
On routine inspection of the water storage tanks, where there is evidence of significant contamination or stagnation.
If the system or part of it has been substantially altered or entered for maintenance purposes that may introduce contamination.
Following water sampling results that indicate evidence of microbial contamination of the water system.
During, or following an outbreak or suspected outbreak of legionellosis linked to the system.
Or where indicated by the risk assessment. ACoPL8 2.127

On completion, we issue chlorination or disinfection certificates in PDF or hard copy which can be inserted directly into your Water Hygiene Log Book.